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QS Health Care Services – Surgical and Medical Equipment Supply shop in Hyderabad, PisalBanda. We are committed to customer service and sell genuine products for discounted prices. We would love to help our customers who need advice on medical equipment. We supply all the items starting from Oxygen Concentrators, Bipap, Avap, Ventilators Cardiac machines and Surgical Equipment. We are specialized in all orthopedic equipment, varicose veins stockings and other surgical equipment. QS Health Care Services Provides Surgical and Medical equipment free door delivery for most of the items available with us within a certain distance from our shop location.

High-Quality Healthcare Products and Supplies from QS Health Care

QS HealthCare also Supplies The Need Of Oxygen To Patients, Home Portable Oxygen & Industries With Their Everyday Oxygen Need. We Provide Oxygen Cylinders And Oxygen Concentrators 5Liters & 10Liters above. We Ensure The Purity Of Oxygen Is >95% In Oxygen Cylinders And >90% In Oxygen Concentrators. We Take Responsibility For Give Our Dedicated Focus, Quality Service, And Hassle-Free Time Bound Delivery Till Your Doorstep, Be It To An Individual Person, Healthcare Companies, Or Manufacturing Industries Daily Required Need. We Follow A Strict Protocol And Quality Guidelines When It Comes To Sanitization, Sterilization, And Purity Of Our Products. We Assure The Best In Class Products And Services To Our Customers.